August 18, 2022

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100 abject towers by RZLBD / reza aliabadi


‘100 abject towers’ explores surreal architectural structures 


submitting himself to build LEGO for over 100 consecutive days, toronto-based reza aliabadi from atelier RZLBD creates a series of imaginary architectural structures that he calls ‘100 abject towers’. built using only 2×4 bricks, the objects reflect purely mental constructs. ‘they exist in an ambiguous realm, somewhere between the concept of an object and the concept of a subject. they are not representations of real structures, yet they look familiar. they are possibilities cast off, rejected, yet they are not completely hopeless, they still carry an opportunity,‘ shares the designer. 

iteration 98



reaching new territory through iteration 


the project is part of _ RZLBD * 100,  an ongoing theme at atelier RZLBD that explores serial works, taxonomy, typology, and iteration as a means to expand possibilities and search for the best solution – if any – while remaining faithful to a set of rules, core beliefs, or a modus operandi. this ultimately led to a playful exploration of a new territory shaped through the repetition of a process. the use and reuse of the same grammar generated, as RZLBD puts its, a series of comparable ‘abjects’ that is bigger than a mere collection of miniature towers.

reza aliabi constructs surreal towers using only 2x4 yellow LEGO bricks
iteration 95


reza aliabi constructs surreal towers using only 2x4 yellow LEGO bricks
iteration 85

100 abject towers 5
iteration 65

100 abject towers 7
iteration 17

100 abject towers 8
iteration 08

100 abject towers 11
RZLBD / reza aliabadi




project info:

name: 100 abject towers
designer: RZLBD (reza aliabadi)
medium: 2 x 4 yellow LEGO bricks



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