January 29, 2022

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100architects’ vibrant rooftop intervention invites you over the rainbow

over the rainbow


‘over the rainbow’ takes shape as a vibrant rooftop intervention by 100architects, bringing new life to an unused terrace onto a commercial building in changsha, china. the project depicting a rainbow is an eye-catching rooftop renovation that combines art, play, and social interaction. the studio sought to form a trendy outdoor community hub, serving as a meeting point and leisure space that invites people of all ages to explore and interact. all images by rex zhou



stripes of color animate leisure and play


taking advantage of the arch-shaped rooftop, the design team at 100architects utilized parallel stripes of color, forming a rainbow. each of the lines represented in a different color acts as a platform hosting specific functions and features that encourage social interactions through leisure and play. those stripes initially executed as 2D floor graphics for circulation, in certain moments become 3D shapes forming urban furniture, play structures, and objects for leisure.


the whole system of stripes becomes 3-dimensional, elevating from the ground level in order to create a social amphitheater with sweeping views opening towards the xiang river. furthermore, vertical walls with geometrical shapes and patterns quickly grab the attention of visitors, becoming trendy selfie spots for social media sharing. the social amphitheater is crowned with a pop-up logo of ‘I ♡ 长沙’, as the main recognizable and distinctive IP image of the rooftop.100architects invites you over the rainbow 5


to culminate the fun on the rooftop, 100architects included a 12-meters-high spiral slide going down from the rooftop on the 6th floor to the terrace on the 5th floor. altogether, the rooftop intervention enhances and stimulates the experience of visitors in all senses, and creates successfully a very colorful and stimulating community hub for kaifu district right on the top of changsha beichen delta joy city shopping mall.

100architects' vibrant rooftop intervention in china invites you over the rainbow
3D structures reviving from the colorful stripes

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