December 10, 2022

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air yacht concept by pierpaolo lazzarini sails both skies and seas with zero emissions

pierpaolo lazzarini introduces zero-emission air yacht 


while long-distance traveling by air doesn’t allow full electric mobility yet, italian designer pierpaolo lazzarini thinks there is actually a solution to sailing both skies and oceans without emissions in the future — the ‘air yacht‘. this latest boundary-pushing watercraft takes shape as a 150-meter-long vessel that flies in the sky pushed by a 400.000 m3 (200.000 m3 on each side) of helium. the flying object can hypothetically reach a maximum speed of 60 knots, for more than 48 hours consequently, and can then safely land on the sea surface, thanks to its inflatable base. 

the air yacht

all images courtesy of lazzarini design



150-meter yacht flies in the sky and floats on the sea


the air yacht by pierpaolo lazzarini (find more here) incorporates two extended side blimps, resulting in an overall length of 150 meters and a width of 80 meters. each floating structure (20m x 20m x 150m ) is subdivided into hive areas (cells), ensuring hermetic isolation of each helium compartment. inside the blimps, there are also tanks of compressed helium which release the necessary quantity in order to balance the aircraft. the two airships are connected through four carbon bridges on each side, connecting the main central structure to the two floating balloons. in the lower part, these floating structures incorporate an inflatable base to accommodate the yacht while it floats on the water surface.


lazzarini’s creation is also equipped with eight counter-rotating electric engines of 950hp each, powered by ultra-light batteries and solar panels, allowing it to fly at high speed. the entire construction is conceived to be entirely made with dry carbon fiber.

the air yacht 5
the main central structure is connected through four carbon bridges



conceived for a private owner looking for evolution in aviation


 the air yacht is not an airship for public transportation or touristic purposes. it is conceived for a private owner with a vision of mega yacht an evolution in aviation. the central area incorporates a spacious living room with dining area, although 5 suites for the passengers are available on each blimp side with sky window view and a special shipowner suite is placed on the center with a 360° view. the particularity of the sky yacht is the possibility to land on the ground or either in the water. while the air yacht is pushed down from the rotation of the engines, it can stand in the water through depressurization of helium and ballast anchor system and sail quietly on the water, with a speed of 5 knots. hypothetically with € 550.000.000, there will be enough budget to build on-demand a first air yacht (or sky yacht) for a client.


the air yacht 9
landing on the sea

the air yacht 4
down side view



the air yacht 6
each floating structure incorporates an inflatable basement to accommodate the sky yacht on the water surface

the air yacht 10
the air yacht can expel helium and navigate up to 5 knots

the air yacht 11
the air yacht can stand in the water through depressurization of helium and a ballast anchoring system



rear blimp view

rear blimp view

ship owner room

ship owner room

main proportions

main proportions

project info:



name: air yacht
designer: : lazzarini design



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