October 3, 2022

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amar cafe opens at the heart of downtown beirut


‘amar cafe’ is modern lebanese dining spot with artistic flair


the popular lebanese franchise ‘amar restaurants’ has opened its latest branch – amar cafe – at the heart of downtown beirut. completed by interior architect gregory gatserelia, the new dining spot serves modern lebanese cuisine in a high-end, multi-sensory décor imbued with artistic flair and ambient lights. binding the different elements of the space together is a mesmerizing installation by italian artist jacopo foggini that seemingly floats across the restaurant ceiling. 

the amar cafe is set at the heart of downtown beirut



merging the joys of food + hookah into a cloud installation 


gatserelia’s design of the amar cafe steers away from a traditional context. instead, the restaurant articulates a contemporary experience by combining food and hookah – two cultural pillars of lebanese social traditions. to evoke that unique cultural blend, foggini shaped his installation like a cloud of smoke that undulates across the interiors. ‘the cloud of smoke brings people together to share food and celebrate life. [jacopo] represented this concept with a great polycarbonate installation on the ceiling,’ explains the interior architect. You can check gasterelia’s works here, and foggini’s here.

amar cafe
ambient lights flood the installation, giving it a mystical flair

amar cafe
the installation floats above the dining tables, echoing a cloud of smoke coming from a hookah

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