October 3, 2022

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an innovative mobile home concept that has never reached the market

a great concept that has never gone into production


although creative camping is a trend nowadays that many designers lean into, the ‘de markies’ (the awning) was an innovative idea for its time. dating back to 1985, the initial idea of this compact caravan was conceived by the dutch architect eduard böhtlingk for an architectural competition. imagined as a mobile home, the accordion-like caravan can triple in dimension in just a few seconds, unfolding on both sides at the push of a button. 


nine years after its invention, in 1995, the studio created the first prototype, while the next year, it was awarded the public prize at the rotterdam design prize 1996. however, while it may seem like a great concept for holidaymakers, almost four decades after its design, it has not yet reached the market.all images courtesy of roos aldershoff



accordion-like caravan unfolds to increase three times its size


dutch designer‘s idea sees the fusion of temporary living with a creative traveling experience. when is on the road, the mobile home takes shape as a box, while once arrived at its destination, its floorspace can be increased threefold including all the necessities. the overall structure is divided into three parts, accommodating a bedroom with a privacy divider, a sitting room, a bedroom, and a small kitchen outfitted with a stove, sink, table, and multiple storage spaces.


when it comes to materiality, eduard böhtlingk clad the roof in plastic, in an attempt to withstand bad weather conditions. furthermore, the living area is topped by a transparent material that allows natural light to tackle in, while the sleeping area is covered with an opaque body.an innovative mobile home concept dated back to 1986 that has never reached the market



far ahead of its time?


36 years after its making, the ‘de markies’ has never gone into production. maybe it has been far ahead of its time. who would have thought that the more minimalist and compact, the more attractive?


however, the folding caravan will show off its folding design at the geneva architecture exhibition next year, somehow accomplishing its goal. with investors ready to bet on it, ‘de markies’ can now compete with common houses on wheels.

an innovative mobile home concept dated back to 1986 that has never reached the market
unfolds like a pop-up book

an innovative mobile home concept dated back to 1986 that has never reached the market
the living area is covered with a transparent material

an innovative mobile home concept from 1986 that never reached the market
axonometric plan


project info:


name: ‘de markies’

designer: eduard böhtling

christina petridou I designboom

dec 07, 2021

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