December 10, 2022

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anabel poh gives leftover scarves new value in ‘meaningful deconstruction’

anabel poh’s meaningful deconstruction


material and textile designer anabel poh is thoughtfully deconstructing and reconstructing scarves leftover from the production process in this project titled ‘meaningful deconstruction’. the series reframes how designers upcycle objects and how consumers value the upcycled outcome. 


to create each piece poh begins with beautiful leftover scarves provided by petit h, an upcycling atelier founded by Hermès. the scarves maybe have been discarded due to one pulled thread or an unnoticeable misprint. the designer then applies a range of deconstructive techniques such as unraveling, weaving, reverse dyeing, batik dyeing, and shibori knotting. through the knowledge of slowness, tenderness & cultural craft know-hows embedded within its upcycling process, the material retains the quality of its original production. 

images courtesy of anabel poh



removing to add value


a ritual is born from the innate identity of the material, the latter breathing life into the former. there is undivided attention to what one holds in their hands. the repetitive gestures reinforce a continuum of an emotional pace. by deconstructing, one reveals layers; nuances within the material narrative and sensitivities within its construction. a new pattern emerges. as a result, revealing new properties of the material can expand the possibilities of what it can become. these various techniques can be combined and reapplied accordingly to other forms of leftover textiles.
with this project anabel poh asserts that if we were to curate respectful rituals for the objects, our relationship with the material world can become more emotionally-durable.

meaningful deconstruction 5
sample collection of all the deconstructive textile techniques

meaningful deconstruction 2
unraveling technique

meaningful deconstruction 3
deconstructive drawn thread technique

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