May 18, 2022

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apollo architects’ timeless house is a light-filled fortress with secret gardens

the timeless house in tokyo


designed as a celebration of raw concrete, the ‘timeless’ house in tokyo is designed by japanese practice apollo architects & associates, headed by satoshi kurosaki. from the exterior, the building is expressed as a stack of two monolithic volumes divided by a single ribbon window. with this horizontal glazing the upper block seems to float over the lower, even cantilevering outward with a sense of lightness. 

images by masao nishikawa



a light-filled fortress by apollo architects


contrasting its fortress-like exterior expression, the ‘timeless’ house by apollo architects & associates (see more here) is open and light-filled inside. through strategic cuts, the design team open up the solid volumes to create private open-air courtyards, full-height atriums, and massive skylights. in this way, the occupant maintains an important element of privacy from the project’s urban context, while enjoying a space that is breezy, sunny, and filled with greenery. 

timeless apollo architects



the warm interiors of the house


apollo architects exaggerates the timeless house’s contrasting stark exterior and welcoming interiors with a thoughtful materiality. from the street, the reinforced concrete structure shows a wall of ubiquitous grey. for the occupants inside, however, the floor and ceiling are wrapped in a warm timber finish. full-height walls of glazing gaze outward to the home’s lush courtyards and sunny atriums. a thoughtful use of lighting additionally lends warmth with its ambient glow at the edges of the building to further the warm atmosphere.

timeless apollo architects
from the street, the concrete structure shows a wall of solid grey apollo architects' 'timeless' house in tokyo is a light-filled fortress with secret gardens
internal courtyards open the house to the sky while maintaining privacy

apollo architects' 'timeless' house in tokyo is a light-filled fortress with secret gardensthe courtyards are filled with plantlife

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