December 1, 2022

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arcgency’s ‘house on the hill’ is an addition to a school in rural denmark


vallekilde – house on the hill


danish architecture studio arcgency built ‘house on the hill’, a sustainable addition to the vallekilde folk school in rural denmark. embedded in local tradition and made of renewable materials, the timber structure was assembled on-site by a small team of regional carpenters.


located on a hill, next to the school’s orchard, the house provides sweeping views towards the fertile soil of the lammefjord polder (land reclaimed from the sea). the residential project can transform itself depending on the school’s needs: it can function as a dwelling, guest house, or shelter for artists and musicians during the summer months.all images by stine west frederiksen



a yellow and red house


as the architects (see more here) mentioned, the synergy of the landscape, the local community, and the characteristic housing makes vallekilde a desirable place to live and work. the architectural tradition and teaching of craftsmanship have shaped the entire village. since 1865 vallekilde school has been a focal point for education, new knowledge and curiosity, being a vital part of the local community.


when it comes to the construction process, the timber frame was insulated with wood fiber and clad in larch, a durable material with high density, and weatherproofing properties. besides contributing to a good indoor climate, wooden constructions remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than it adds through manufacture.


the outside was painted in yellow and red following the character of the school’s famous gymnastics hall made by the architect martin nyrop. as for the interior — treated with lye — the design team at arcgency sough to leave the wood with a natural and tactile surface, encouraging the visitors to enable all their senses.arcgency's 'house on the hill' is a sustainable addition to a school in rural denmark



an inspiring place to leave the bustling city behind 


the cabin consists of two volumes tied together by a greenhouse that provides different functions. when used as a one-family home, the greenhouse becomes a generous entrance and winter garden, adding extra space to the modest footprint. serving as shared housing, the greenhouse converts into a communal space enabling interaction between inhabitants.


a circular window frames the view and creates a space for thought. additional openings placed high under the pitched roof flood the ceiling with light, bringing the wooden surfaces to life. also in the kitchen, the residents can enjoy the panoramic view allowing their sight to wander beyond the horizon. the spectacular light, the changing sky, and the landscape of the region have attracted artists and painters over the last century. 

arcgency's 'house on the hill' is a sustainable addition to a school in rural denmark

arcgency's 'house on the hill' is a sustainable addition to a school in rural denmark
a greenhouse with multiple functions

arcgency's 'house on the hill' is a sustainable addition to a school in rural denmark
the aperture frames the surrounding scenery

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