August 8, 2022

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asymmetrical luna cabin is a romantic getaway for two

asymmetrical luna for sunset lovers


known for its tiny house design, new frontier unveils its latest and most affordable compact cabin for two, dubbed ‘the luna’. the resulting structure presents itself as a volume with simple geometries clad in matte black 100-year corrugated steel. the overall design is characterized by its asymmetrical roofline, while the floor-to-ceiling glazing frames the surrounding landscape. serving as a getaway shelter for sunset lovers, the tiny house aims to enable people to reconnect with the natural landscape, leaving behind the bustling pace of the city.all images courtesy of studiobuell



a vivid homely space


the design team at new frontier modeled the interior with a warm and cozy palette of colors and materials. clean all-white surfaces with various textures and white-washed reclaimed flooring generate a brighter space while pops of walnut, black, and green of the plants add a modern boho style.


a staircase rises the inhabitants up to the loft, where a king-sized bed perches. the views from the bed escape to the exterior thanks to the use of a glass window wall. this way, the sleeping area direct seems much bigger than it is, without giving the feeling of cramped or crowded.⁠ meanwhile, the designers opted for a concept that sees ‘clever storage’ as the key element: plenty of storage nooks adjust smartly into the spatial layout, taking full advantage of its small size.


LED strips are hidden behind the surfaces throughout the interior, adding a vibrant touch, all while prioritizing functionality and comfort. not to mention, luna consists of a bathroom that could exist in a full-size house, providing residents with all the amenities.asymmetrical luna cabin is a romantic getaway for two


‘one of our greatest passions and primary reasons we started designing and building tiny homes is to help reconnect people to nature. many of our clients have a remote and beautiful piece of property on which building a normal home would be cost and time prohibitive. tiny homes are the perfect solution for just these circumstances. when it’s ready, we deliver the home and you can have it hooked up and running that very night. they are definitely the most adaptable, versatile, and flexible housing product on the market,’ as the studio mentioned in an instagram post.


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asymmetrical luna cabin is a romantic getaway for two
storage space is integrated into the staircase

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