December 7, 2022

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beyond the wall installation shifts the viewers’ glance to a different height

beyond the wall


bear architects has completed an installation for the mugak architecture biennial, connecting two different levels of a public space in san sebastian’s old town, spain. dubbed ‘beyond the wall’, the wooden structure spans vertically standing on a red platform, while on the second level it is connected with a horizontal system that follows the balustrades.


the design team positioned a sloped mirror in the trunk of the structure, directing towards the sky. another reflecting surface — following the direction of the first one — takes shape at the tower’s top. the play between the two mirrors creates interesting illusions adding a dynamic touch to the final composition. and somewhat so magically, the viewer’s glance is shifted beyond the wall. 

all images by luis díaz díaz unless stated otherwise 



taking its cues from the surroundings 


respecting the place’s history and the local architecture, the design team discreetly settled a fine installation that is informed by its surrounding context. ‘the site was already a place’ said peña ganchegui, curator of the exhibition.‘and acting in such a well-known environment is simply leaning back and letting others speak for you.’


the architects formulated the following metaphor: ‘the horizon as that unattainable line of balance. balance between risk and ruin, passion and precariousness, ambition and reality; but always with the courage and commitment that good architecture must always treasure. now come closer, look out the window, look for the horizon beyond the wall, go up and enjoy.’

beyond the wall installation shifts the viewers' glance to a different height
the installation hosted the exhibition for @premio_ganchegui 2021 at @mugakbienal

beyond the wall installation shifts the viewers' glance to a different height
a sloped mirror points towards the sky

beyond the wall installation in san sebastian shifts viewers' glance to a different height
the wooden skeleton discreetly hugs the balustrades’ form

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