December 10, 2022

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brompton T line is its lightest ever folding bicycle at just 7.45kg

brompton T line folding bike


brompton has reinvented the wheel sort of. the creators of the iconic folding bicycle have reconsidered and redesigned every millimeter of its design in titanium to create its lightest ever two-wheeler. at just 7.45kg, the brompton T line weighs 37% less than its original all-steel older sibling.

all images courtesy of brompton



the only thing that has been carried over from our classic model is the brake system. everything else has been finessed, pared back, upgraded. we have gone over this entire product in the minutest detail, looking for every single gram we can find to save on weight. what we’ve ended up with in T Line is the sense that when you leave the house you can go anywhere. all of those shared environments you experience when exploring a city, the bike is not going to be a burden, and you can do whatever you want with ease,‘ says will carleysmith, chief design and engineering officer. ‘that’s a pretty amazing feeling!

brompton T line is its lightest ever folding bicycle at just 7.45kg



37% lighter than the original folding bike


after three years of research and development, the brompton T line – as its name suggests – is realized thanks to a precision-engineered titanium frame construction. the design comprises over 150 components, all built in a new dedicated factory in sheffield, UK. the result sets a new benchmark for folding bikes in lightness, ride performance and robustness.

brompton T line is its lightest ever folding bicycle at just 7.45kg



whilst titanium ore is a relatively abundant material, turning it into something usable for bike manufacture takes an extraordinary amount of effort. it proves worth it though, as it has the highest strength to density ratio of any metallic element, along with great impact strength and corrosion resistance, making it the perfect material to create the ultimate lightweight folding bike, able to withstand the punishing impacts of the city,‘ explains paul williams, chief operations officer.


working with titanium takes a high level of knowledge, experience and diligence, so finding the right partner who shared our vision and belief in what could be achieved with titanium was critical. our relationship with C W fletcher, based in sheffield started over 7 years ago and they have a long history in manufacturing going back over 100 years. with them we built brompton fletcher, a dedicated company with a purpose-built production facility and skilled team able to work with this demanding material and fabricate these fantastic titanium frames.

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