December 7, 2022

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cadillac innerspace unveils self-driving electric car concept at CES 2022

cadillac innerspace expands the automaker’s halo portfolio


cadillac debuts the innerspace concept at CES 2022, revealing an autonomous electric car that resembles a futuristic spaceship externally and internally. the american automaker says the two-person EV is a luxury vision of future personal mobility, focused on enriching the passenger experience. it forms part of their halo portfolio of vehicles, which also includes two additions from CES 2021: the personalspace, a single-seat personal eVTOL; and the socialspace, a roomy, self-driving vehicle for up to six occupants.

all images courtesy of cadillac



electrification and autonomous driving will fundamentally change the role of vehicles and the experiences customers have with them,‘ says bryan nesbitt, GM executive director, global advanced design and global architecture studio. ‘we’re exploring where that will go with these innovative concepts, envisioning mobility as an ally of wellness, giving customers the ultimate luxury, more personal time rather than taking it.

CES 2022: cadillac innerspace unveils spaceship-like self-driving electric car concept



thematic experiences in the self-driving concept car



the dramatic design of the cadillac innerspace’s exterior is formed by sloping cuts. a low, sports car-like profile is defined as its battery modules are spread out across the concept. it also enabled designers to optimize the cabin for spaciousness. an expansive, panoramic glass door spans the roof and wraps around on to the body’s side to offer unimpeded views for the two passengers. the roof then dramatically opens with the doors to offer a more comfortable entry. inside, the seats pivot outward when the doors open to aid this.

CES 2022: cadillac innerspace unveils spaceship-like self-driving electric car concept



inside, the passenger experience is said to be unique and highly personalized, focused on the journey rather than driving. AI-driven biometric input and interfaces allow passengers to select thematic experiences will riding, including augmented reality engagement, entertainment and wellness recovery. these options are able accessible via a large immersive SMD LED display that spans the width of the concept car.

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