September 27, 2022

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dubai-based L.S. design unveils an alpine chalet in verbier, switzerland

a dubai-designed chalet in verbier, switzerland 


dubai-based architecture practice L.S. design takes to the swiss alps with the development of its verbier chalet. the private dwelling is located along a secluded ridge in verbier, switzerland. the team notes that ‘the house is a feast of innovation in terms of material and technology,’ as it includes self-heating pains of glass, antifreeze surfaces, and a recirculating water reservoir.


the house performs with thermal heating that maintains a constant seventy-five degrees fahrenheit (twenty-four degrees celsius) with minimal energy consumption. the design presents a modern interpretation of the traditional chalet design with one side using concrete windbreakers to protect the house from the elements while the other is a full face of glass. the whole house straddles on a exposed foundation to avoid rising dampness.

images by muhammed faisal, courtesy of L.S. design |



the approach by l.s. design 


L.S. design (see more here) founder omar abdelghafour began the architecture practice in 2004 and has brought a minimalist approach to the middle east, along with the verbier chalet in switzerland. the design of the house is pared back in its approach yet richly textured in its attention to materiality and interior experience. overall, the studio spans private and commercial architecture and interiors, along with urban planning projects, product design, furniture, lighting and transport design, celebrating a multi-faceted approach.


omar abdelghafour has high regard for craftsmanship and refined aesthetics and is a firm believer that design should be passionate, dynamic and contextually relevant for the region in which it is being delivered.

dubai-based L.S. design unveils an alpine chalet in verbier, switzerlandthe concept shows a lush green wall growing within an alpine context

verbier chalet L.S. design
massive panes of glass frame views to celebrate the landscape

verbier chalet L.S. design
the interiors maintain an expression that is at once minimal and warm

verbier chalet L.S. designthe stair is framed overhead with a narrow skylight

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