September 27, 2022

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ERRE completes private terminal at valencia airport clad in a metallic skin


designed as a clear and compact volume


the new private terminal at the airport of valencia designed by ERRE arquitectura, takes shape as a single rectangular volume (120 x 47 meters) topped by a gable roof. the final design employs a clear and decisive geometry, wrapped in a metallic skin that unifies its various functions. some areas are micro-perforated to allow natural light to enter the interior, adding the entire project an industrial look, changing according to time and sunlight.all images courtesy of ERRE arquitectura



rigid metal gable frames determine the structure 


the private terminal at valencia airport was a challenge both at a structural and functional level. when it came to spatial organization, the design team at ERRE arquitectura has divided the program into two main areas: the working and hangar area. the first one is distributed over two floors between which double heights are created, generating interesting visuals. on the other hand, the hangar layout can host different aircraft as well as warehouses.


the overall structure is solved using rigid metal gable frames with variable depth trusses. in the same way, two elements are proposed to support a metal truss that allows a free front opening of 100 meters to adapt to the functional requirements and demands of the space.ERRE completes new private terminal at valencia airport wrapped in a metallic envelope


despite its area and volume, the project has a low energy impact since the main space area —which spans 3,794.14 sqm— does not require climate conditioning. the natural ventilation of this space is achieved through the strategic installation of three fans, avoiding air stratification in winter and allowing the thermal load to be reduced in summer.


regarding materiality, metallic finishes and exposed structure have been chosen for the industrial area, thus achieving an appearance more in line with its use. in contrast, at the administration area, the architects used a warmer palette of colors and materials, applying wood, as well as open false ceilings and carpets that meet the acoustic and functional needs of these spaces.

ERRE completes new private terminal at valencia airport wrapped in a metallic envelope
metal grid

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