December 1, 2022

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estudio BNAA creates an adaptable commercial space in argentina

minimum common multiple (MCM) by estudio BNAA 


can a space be one and many at the same time? this is the question estudio BNAA asked when designing this flexible commercial space in san luis, argentina. the project is called ‘minimum common multiple’ (MCM) and it makes reference to a mathematics theory of the same name. in this case, a 15 sqm room of common minimum surfaces can be adapted to multiple spaces.

images by emiliano arias



the project focuses on three objectives. the first goal was to show how a small area can have a variety of uses, offering greater flexibility and transformability. for example, MCM can be used as a workplace, a clothing store, a place to teach, a photography studio, an art gallery, or a micro cinema. 


the second aim responds to the client’s brief to provide a space for entrepreneurs and small businesses, many of which have arisen during the COVID-19 pandemic. with this in mind, MCM is planned as a comfortable and convenient place people could rent by the day, rather than monthly, to show their work.


the third goal was to use magnets as a construction system. the client already had metal sheets of 1 x 2 meters that were reused to cover the entire interior. a 5cm thick magnetic strip was then added around the room to hang curtain partitions, shelves and other items.

minimo comun multiple mcm estudio bnaa 6
a clothing store



as well as the three main objectives, a key aspect of estudio BNAA’s design was to stop thinking of spaces in sqm, and start thinking of space as a unit of volume in mc. ‘this is how the challenge originated, having a space of 15 sqm, we began to add all the wall surfaces, and thus we managed to obtain a space of greater use of 37.5 mc,’ explain the architects.


estudio BNAA divided the space into stations and substations (E1, E2) (S1, S2, S3). the design also includes mobile furniture and an illuminated sign that can be customized according to who is using the space.

minimo comun multiple mcm estudio bnaa 5
a photography studio

minimo comun multiple mcm estudio bnaa 8
a system of magnets makes hanging partitions easy

minimo comun multiple mcm estudio bnaa 4
a workspace

minimo comun multiple mcm estudio bnaa 7
a micro cinema



project info:


name: minimum common multiple (MCM)
location: el patio, junin 741, san luis, argentina

architecture: estudio BNAA

lead architects: ralph tomas bravo nieto
collaborators: bernarda baudino, juan ignacio pelayo, gonzalo nieto, martina perez pinto, matias miranda, mauro delgado, santiago la malfa
photography: emiliano arias


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edited by: lynne myers | designboom

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