December 10, 2022

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hookie brings world’s first NASA motorcycle concept to life

a conceptual lunar vehicle


tardigrade is the world’s first concept moon motorcycle, that took its name from the homonymous microscopic animals that are able to survive extreme conditions. back in 2020, andrey fabishevsky envisioned an electric NASA motorcycle for moon traveling. and a year later, the german brand hookie brought this electric lunar motorcycle concept to life, which after a long journey was set on display at the automotive petersen museum in LA, as a part of the ADV:overland exhibition. below you can see the photos from the exhibition. 

images by jose gallina unless stated otherwise 



moon motorcycle


the designers‘ purpose was to build this electric motorcycle to theoretically explore the moon’s surface. the rider can carry various types of equipment with a speed limit of 15km/h, while it has a battery range of almost 110km. its ultra-lightweight materials and changeable airless tire pieces provide the space crew to challenge any obstacle.


‘with the realization of this completely fantastic space vehicle, we want to dare a thought experiment that also raises questions about our future: what would life beyond planetary boundaries look like? what demands does outer space make on a bike that can travel in the darkness of space and largely from the shackles of gravity over icy lunar dust? and how far away are we from such scenarios?’ said the designers. ‘it is a symbol for the disentanglement of the mind. and for empowerment. the entire project ignores borders – those of countries, continents, role stereotypes and the status quo’.

tardigrade: hookie brings world's first NASA motorcycle concept to life

tardigrade: hookie brings world's first NASA motorcycle concept to life

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