January 27, 2022

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intricate knitting technology meets performance footwear in NDVI collection by polina krichko

shoe design and circular knitting combined


polina krichko introduces the NDVI project, aiming to apply circular knitting technology to footwear design. the resulting highly-functional compression knit pieces are based on human anatomy, with patterns derived from motorcycling protective gear. above all, the design is developed with an awareness of the functionality and biomechanics of the foot.

all images courtesy of polina krichko, unless stated otherwise



intricate surfaces of compressive patterns 


all pieces are produced on circular machines which create a seamless cylinder fabric with stable pressure control. ‘the structure I used gathers fabric on the inside, giving different patterns and degrees of compression,’ shares poline krichko. ‘intricate surface design is revealed by turning the knit inside out.  very fine knit exposes layering and textures in the movement,’ she adds. 


the helsinki and moscow-based designer has reproduced a selection of knee-high pieces with the use of highly-functional yarns, like celliant, dryarn, and sorona. celliant is a fiber that incorporates a blend of 13 thermo-reactive minerals in PET cover, transforming body heat into fir waves, and reflecting it back to the body. its main properties include increased metabolism, faster recovery, and healing. dryarn is an incredibly lightweight polypropylene yarn with improved breathability and insulation properties. due to the low thermal conductivity, dryarn has excellent insulation properties, while it also has built-in moisture management properties. last but not least, sorona is an eco-efficient performance fiber made in part from annually renewable plant-based ingredients. it’s spandex-free, yet provides superior stretch and recovery. it’s produced with PDO —a building block with endlessly versatile potential— and using a biological process. knitted pieces were developed with the expertise and support of shanghai-based knitting machinery producer santoni.

intricate performance knits by polina krichko 11
full knitted shoe on a soft sneaker sole

intricate performance knits by polina krichko 10
compression structures in their expanded form

intricate performance knits by polina krichko 4
fine-tuning density and elasticity for shoe uppers

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