September 27, 2022

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japanese scientists invent glowing masks that detect coronavirus

a glowing mask to help fight the spread of COVID-19


researchers at kyoto prefectural university, japan, have developed a new mask that glows in the dark when exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19. using antibodies extracted from ostrich eggs and fluorescent dye, the face shield’s innovative detection system gives wearers a quick and easy way to see if they have contracted the virus. led by yasuhiro tsukamoto, the scientist team hopes to gain government approval and possibly start selling the masks in 2022.

all images courtesy of kyoto prefectural university



using ostrich eggs to detect coronavirus


the secret to the mask’s coronavirus detection is ostrich eggs, as ostriches are capable of producing several different antibodies that neutralize foreign entities in the body. bearing this in mind, the team developed a special mask filter that can be taken out and sprayed with a fluorescent dye containing the coronavirus antibodies from the eggs. if it comes into contact with the virus, the mask will glow brightly under a UV light.


the idea is that anyone wearing the face shield will realize they may be infected with coronavirus when the mask glows and seek an early diagnosis for COVID-19. as a result, the risk of spreading the virus to others lowers too. while government approval is still pending, yasuhiro tsukamoto is already thinking about the possibilities of the innovative detection system. ‘we can mass-produce antibodies from ostriches at a low cost,’ yasuhiro tsukamoto mentions. ‘in the future, I want to make this into an easy testing kit that anyone can use.’ 

japanese scientists invent masks that glow when exposed to traces of coronavirus japanese scientists invent masks that glow when exposed to traces of coronavirus


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