July 6, 2022

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JDS architects plans JARDIM retreat where wild + productive nature meet

a reconnection with nature in alentejo


JDS architects unveils images of its JARDIM, an ambitious project, now underway in portugal. the work will soon be realized as a nature escape in the heart of alentejo, and will combine wild nature with productive landscape. with the design of its masterplan, the team asks: ‘how to turn 40 hectares of hilly land into a naturally diverse, rich and resilient community?


the JARDIM masterplan will introduce an eco-living community and will contain villas, bungalows, a workshop, a restaurant, a reception, a multi-purpose community house, parking, sport facilities, and infrastructure.



jds scatters its jardim retreat with respect for the land


JDS architects (see more here) proposes its JARDIM as a place to reconnect with nature, learn, discover, and disconnect from a bustling city. the project will stand as an example of a future-proof, durable, and socially sustainable community.


constructing a series of buildings, laying out a few miles of foot paths, and letting hundreds of people visit annually to enjoy a precious piece of authentic portuguese nature. this ambitious project is an undertaking that requires meticulous care. JARDIM, will only be realized with respect to nature. architectural interventions will be minimized, while outdoor living and taking care of the current vegetation and enriching the land’s fertility and diversity will be privileged.

jds architects jardim

jds architects jardim jds architects jardim JDS architects envisions JARDIM retreat in portugal where wild and productive nature meet

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