July 6, 2022

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jun ong’s starburst lights up neglected building in malaysia


 jun ong builds star/KL with 111 illuminated fragments


seven years after the artist jun ong embedded a glowing star within an unfinished building in malaysia, now, at the tail end of a pandemic, he shapes a burst of light, consisting of 111 illuminated fragments. this phenomenon takes place in the heart of kuala lumpur, lighting up its new host (known as the air building), a composite of raw concrete and shards of metal situated on the boundaries between nature and city. the lighting installation is integrated into the four-storey building’s core, with some of its rays piercing its envelope.

glimpse of star/KL through the host building apertures

all images by jun ong



a starburst with a life span of 122 days


star/KL is a temporary, site-specific installation designed by jun ong (see more here) in collaboration with the cultural economy development agency (CENDANA) as part of their art in the city 2021 programme. the new ‘star’ takes shape as a starburst assembled by a fusion of linear illuminated elements. as a result, intense trajectories of light are formed, penetrating the building and expanding towards the vivid city.


as the artist mentioned, throughout its time here, the ‘star’ will learn, adapt and provide us with new facets of thinking as terrestrial, cosmic, and human beings. over time, its illumination will gradually dim, and after 122 days, the star will dissipate and live in hyperspace till it finds a new host.

fading starburst made of 111 illuminated fragments lights up neglected building in malaysia
facade interaction and a glimpse of the core


identified as siblings, both installations were conceived to invite passers-by to perceive light and space, imbuing cosmic magic into daily life in the city. in its kuala lumpur iteration, the pulsing illumination of ‘star’ is accompanied by an otherworldly soundscape designed by reza othman of malaysian experimental electronic and jazz project RAO. 

fading starburst made of 111 illuminated fragments lights up neglected building in malaysia
relationship with the urban fabric of kuala lumpur

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