December 7, 2022

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LAVO hydrogen bike by studio MOM


studio MOM’s LAVO hydrogen bike 


green energy company LAVO has commissioned studio MOM, a dutch design firm, to create a bike powered by hydrogen. originally meant to be a lightweight e-vehicle, the resulting product is a cargo bicycle which, the studio argues, is more suitable for the intended purpose. ‘considering the basic weight of the system, we thought a cargo bike would be more logical. because long-range cargo solutions in particular require a lot of energy. then an extra hydrogen tank of 1.2 kg is surely preferable to an extra battery that weighs 6 kg,’ said the designers. 

all images © studio MOM



a new emission-free and modular mode of transport 


designed as a modular device, the bike is assembled like LEGO blocks and runs on LAVO’s pioneering hydrogen battery made up of fuel cells that produce power via solar energy and water. each battery unit holds a capacity of 40kWh, and can be customized for home or business use. dubbed ‘green hydrogen’, this energy system is envisioned to become an alternative to ‘grey’ and ‘blue’ hydrogen — derived respectively from fossil fuel and methane. the road to fully clean energy is a long one, but potential is already taking shape. 

in other words, studio MOM’s team has enabled a cargo bike that can travel long distances without emitting CO2 and harmful particulates. such a new green  mode of transport will hopefully catch on at a global scale. ‘this first hydrogen bike in the world […] brings us one step closer to an emission-free society,’  shared the team. 

this lightweight cargo bike runs purely on a hydrogen battery
the LAVO hydrogen bike features an ergonomic steering handle and top frame



uncovering an ergonomic ride for the average user


technically, the LAVO hydrogen bike includes a top frame that is ergonomical — i.e., adjustable and adaptable to any user. meanwhile, its handles — provided by cargo bike manufacturers elian —  are both sturdy and comfortable to steer, which ‘provides excellent riding characteristics.’  launched back in 2020, the product is currently not up for sale on the market. it’s possible that further exploration into the model will be made before taking any decision to mass produce. 

this lightweight cargo bike runs purely on a hydrogen battery
the steering hub is manufactured by elian

this lightweight cargo bike runs purely on a hydrogen battery
close-up look of the modular design

this lightweight cargo bike runs purely on a hydrogen battery
building the LAVO bike




project info: 


name: LAVO hydrogen bike

design: studio MOM (view works here

client: LAVO

launched: 2020

features: hydrogen battery, 40 kWh capacity


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