December 9, 2022

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MAP studio’s kaleidoscopic MPavilion 2021 opens in melbourne

THE SEVENTH MPavilion is unveiled 


MPavilion 2021, designed by architects francesco magnani and traudy pelzel of MAP studio (venice), has opened in melbourne, australia. called ‘the lightcatcher’, the temporary structure marks the seventh installment of an ongoing series of architect-designed summer pavilions.


described as a ‘mirrored kaleidoscopic cube’, the lightcatcher is composed of an open steel structure on four U-shaped concrete columns. the design was conceived as an urban lighthouse—the angled mirrored panels act as a container of ideas that reflect and amplify both the people and cultural activity taking place in MPavilion, and its ever-changing environment in melbourne’s queen victoria gardens. 

image by john gollings





‘we are delighted to have been chosen to do such a relevant project for melbourne and its cultural activity, although we are saddened not to be with you all. still, we hope to come soon,’  said architect traudy pelzel from MAP studio.


‘in our minds, the kaleidoscope structure takes on a double meaning of an urban lighthouse to gather people around as an expression of new hope and to glitter our minds into appreciating new horizons. but it’s also a kind of warning. it is not a shelter in nature as the previous pavilions were, but an element of amplification of human activities in nature as a metaphor of man’s current condition—inspiring an aspect of new awareness of this fragile situation.’

map studio venices mpavilion 2021 opens in melbourne 2
image by john gollings



open from december 2 until april 24, 2022, the lightcatcher will host a range of events over the summer. the program includes music and spoken word performances, talks, workshops, and indigenous design forums. the temporary pavilion will even serve as a wedding venue for a few lucky couples who will tie the knot in april. you can find the full program listing here.


free to the public in melbourne’s queen victoria gardens, MPavilion 2021 is designed as both a temporary summer pavilion and an ‘enduring architectural creation’. at the end of each season, MPavilion is gifted to the people of victoria and moved to a permanent new home to be engaged by the community in perpetuity, creating an ongoing legacy in melbourne’s increasingly sophisticated architectural landscape.




MPavilion was initiated and commissioned by the naomi milgrom foundation with support from the city of melbourne, victorian state government through creative victoria and RACV.


naomi milgrom AC founder of the naomi milgrom foundation, who commissioned MAP studio (venice) to design MPavilion 2021 said, ‘we are incredibly proud of our partnership with MAP studio. delivering the lightcatcher under such challenging global circumstances is a testament to both the remarkable minds behind the design and the teams who realized its construction. their inspirational MPavilion is poised to re-invigorate our city as it plays host for the summer to the energy and ideas of hundreds of designers, architects and performances that will create, work and play underneath.’

map studio venices mpavilion 2021 opens in melbourne 5
image by anthony richardson

map studio venices mpavilion 2021 opens in melbourne 4
image by anthony richardson

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