August 8, 2022

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michaela stark’s lingerie pieces sculpt and disfigure the body



earlier this year, comme des garçons opened a new space in paris called 3537. named after its location — 35-37 rue des francs bourgeois — the space hosts exhibitions, concerts, community exchanges and collaborations with local creatives. 


on view until december 19th is star naked, an exhibition by london-based australian artist and couturier michaela stark who brings her custom, one-off lingerie pieces designed to sculpt and disfigure the body while addressing body positivity and fashion’s sizing problem.

images courtesy of michaela stark




michaela stark’s star naked exhibition at 3537 showcases new couture pieces together with a selection of photographs by sølve sundsbø. featuring corsets, ribbons, chiffon, tulle and organza undergarments, the pieces morph the bodies that wear them to the point that they are unrecognizable and taken far away from what we have been taught to believe is beautiful.


‘I want to elevate plus size voices,’ said starck. ‘regardless of how much I have morphed their bodies, the way that they look in my garments is always within their control.’

michaela stark lingerie pieces sculpt and disfigure the body


each piece that stark creates is very specifically tailored and created using couture techniques. she often uses delicate silks, hand dyed fabrics and intricate embellishment. each piece is one of a kind, and has been designed and tailored to perfectly fit and celebrate the body of the intended wearer – whether that be herself or an external client.

michaela stark lingerie pieces sculpt and disfigure the body


for the exhibition, stark exhibited the pieces on their own, so the body wouldn’t take much of the attention. the show has been complemented by a performance led by the artist together in collaboration with jean paul gautier.

michaela stark's lingerie pieces sculpt and disfigure the body


‘I have finally had a moment to sleep and process this performance… I was so nervous leading up to it, and even on stage I was shaking so much from nerves that I didn’t think I would be able to get the first corset off haha,’ stark said on instagram. ‘it was a very intimate and special moment that was shared with the audience, who watched me get undressed, dressed again and then cut up the cone bra corset to drape on my body.’

michaela stark's lingerie pieces sculpt and disfigure the body


exhibition info:


name: star naked

artist: michaela stark

location: 3537, paris

on view until: december 19, 2021

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dec 16, 2021

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