August 8, 2022

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NORRØN designs learning space in the trees of denmark’s gribskov forest

learning among the trees


danish studio NORRØN architects has designed a new learning space nestled among the middle of denmark’s second largest forest, gribskov, north of hillerød. dubbed ‘the insight,’ the timber project introduces is a new outdoor facility that seeks to challenge the framework for learning spaces within nature. the design team seeks to propose a new way of facilitating teaching and pedagogical work, all within a forested context.

images by kim høltermand | @holtermand



floating among the trees of gribskov forest


NORRØN architects (see more here) realizes its new learning space in gribskov forest to suggest a clearing among the trees. the timber structure takes shape as a large sloping plateau that seems to float between the treetops. this plateau serves to introduce a place for gathering, activities, and learning beneath the leaves of the trees.

NORRØN gribskov forest



norrøn architects’ timber structure


the team at NORRØN architects established a covered learning space beneath the timber plateau, where wooden slats create transparency between inside and gribskov forest beyond. the structure itself rests upon big stones placed in the landscape. the starting point for the project is the slightly hilly terrain, from which the new structure springs as a foundation for many different nature-based activities.


the learning space itself offers a range of innovative and different facilities that set the framework for new ways of learning in nature. the project is part of the forest school at nødebo, a department under the department of geosciences and nature management at the university of copenhagen.

NORRØN gribskov forest NORRØN architects designs a learning space among the trees of denmark's gribskov forest NORRØN architects designs a learning space among the trees of denmark's gribskov forest

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