December 7, 2022

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seattle NFT museum opens its doors to blockchain enthusiasts

seattle’s first nft art museum and gallery


although NFT fuels the emerging economy of digital assets and virtual goods, taking the art world by storm in the last years, there is no institution dedicated to non-fungible tokens till now. this all changes from january 27th, when seattle NFT museum — and the world’s first — opens its doors to the public inviting NFT enthusiasts to immerse into a digital world.


founded by entrepreneurs jennifer wong and peter hamilton, this first of its kind museum was designed to bring together artists, creators, collectors, and the broader blockchain community. the belltown show room put on display a number of artworks ranging from larva labs ‘cryptopunks’ series to blake kathryn and H + creative, amongst many.

all images by seattle NFT museum



between the virtual and the physical


the two tech executives jennifer wong and peter hamilton have collaborated with samsung to provide a number of custom-designed screens that can change the barriers of the work. this way feeds curators and artists flexibility in how to display their artwork. entering the seattle NFT museum (SNFTM), visitors face some of the most exciting NFT digital art displayed on large, high-resolution screens. wandering around, QR codes create an interaction between the artists and their audience, sending guests to various online portals. each artwork is connected to the token’s metadata and to the content of the artist’s story.


the museum creators grabbed the opportunity to bring the digital art and NFT community together while providing exposure and education. as they mentioned, viewing digital art in a physical space helps to ground the NFT experience, unlocking our imaginations for what is to come. 


‘the imagination of NFT artists and creators is thrilling. we wanted to create a space to serve the NFT community while helping put seattle on the map as a hub for NFT and blockchain innovation. we’re not experts, and we’re here to learn as much as anyone. that is why we are counting on the feedback and support of NFT enthusiasts to continue growing the vision,’ said jennifer wong, co-founder seattle NFT  museum.

seattle NFT museum opens its doors to blockchain enthusiasts

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