September 27, 2022

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SET ideas revives stone house with ‘fluid’ metal framework intervention

a contemporary expansion in córdoba


in córdoba, argentina, a young architecture studio known as SET ideas presents the contemporary expansion of a cliffside dwelling. the pre-existing house was defined as an assemblage of stone volumes that gradually descend down a stepping topography. the natural surroundings sloping downward are seen from the home as a distant vista of treetops. the design team seeks to celebrate both the heritage of the existing structure along with these sweeping views. the team notes the spirit of the project: ‘integrate, connect, assemble, couple, unite — put in contact.

images © gonzalo viramonte | @gonzaloviramonte



a contrast of expressions by set ideas


with its fluid house expansion, the team at SET ideas (see more here) seeks to introduce an intervention which contrasts the existing language, thus emphasizing it. meanwhile, the addition transforms the atmosphere of the interior, from one that is cloistered to one that is wide open to the unobstructed nature. as the team notes that the project is designed with attention to ‘the way you live inside, the way you look outside, the way you connect with your surrounding and with yourself. the way in which architecture flows from contemporary living.’

fluid house SET ideas



the fluid house of metal and stone


SET ideas’ fluid house expansion is expressed with a wholly contemporary structure, opposing the stone volumes existing. the modular metal frame composes the new spaces, frames views, and creates a new aesthetic language. the new metal intervention is accompanied only by wood and glass. upon approach, the dwelling appears low and modest, mainly of stone with an array of metal louvres. contrasting this humble expression, the rear facade shows four levels descending down the hillside, the volumes split between monolithic stone and metal framework.

fluid house SET ideas SET ideas revives stone dwelling with metal framework 'fluid house' intervention SET ideas revives stone dwelling with metal framework 'fluid house' intervention

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