July 6, 2022

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takuto ohta unveils ‘innocent’ as primitive furniture set


takuto ohta’s ‘innocent’ furniture series is driven by intuition


japanese designer takuto ohta unveils ‘innocent’, a peculiar furniture set made out of blocks with 45-degree cuts that can be stacked at various angles. the resulting compositions articulate, as ohta describes it, a ‘primitive’ tool bringing out the sensibility and imagination of stacking things according to intuition. ‘face the block and  don’t pay too much attention to the purpose or meaning you want to give it. I don’t think about what I’m making. I simply allow the laws of physics to take over,’ explains the designer. 

all images courtesy of takuto ohta



highlighting the complexity of simple ‘building blocks’


ohta used colored masking tape to bind the 45-degree blocks together — creating a sober contrast with the light wooden texture. these masked ‘lumps’ of wood can then be combined to build a series of rich configurations and furniture pieces. from stools to benches and tabletops, the multi-colored blocks seem to transition from one ‘purpose’ to another quite effortlessly. ‘the creativity of building blocks, which can transform into rockets and buildings, shows the surprising complexity of letting things flow naturally,’ the designer reflects.

takuto ohta innocent
the 45-degree cut blocks are binded by colored masking tape

takuto ohta innocent
the height and length of each block set can vary greatly

innocent 6
takuto ohta’s ‘innocent’ series includes tabletops to rest any object on them

innocent 8
the angular edges help stack the blocks at various angles

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