August 18, 2022

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the hyundai MobED can carry virtually anything


hyundai reveals ‘mobile eccentric droid’ (MobEd) ahead of cES’22


ahead of CES 2022, hyundai reveals the mobile eccentric droid (MobED) — a curious looking, four-wheeled robot that can carry virtually anything from point A to B. the MobED is equipped with 3 motors, weighs 50kg, and features an extendable wheelbase that adjusts to speed. the mobile droid also includes adaptable steering functions to keep it balanced on rough surfaces. coupled with a 2 kWh battery capacity and 12-inch tires, the MobEd becomes a ‘passe-partout’ butler that can complete 4-hour rides at up to 30km/h when fully charged.

all images © hyundai



discover the fun ways that the mobile droid can serve you


in their playful video launch, the hyundai team breaks out some unusual — and equally funny — examples of how the mobile eccentric droid can be of use. from delivering packages to carrying a baby stroller and even serving a pyramid of champagne glasses, the possibilities go on. another example shows the four-wheeled robot holding a digital screen while a woman works out — displaying her vital stats and tracking her progress. starting january 5, 2022, the MobED will be on display at hyundai’s CES booth in las vegas. 

hyundai MobED
the hyundai MobEd can double as a stroller and a digital screen holder

the hyundai MobED is a four-wheeled droid that can carry virtually anything
the wheelbase extends to 65 cm during speedy rides, and shrinks back to 45 cm when the droid slows down



project info:


name: hyundai mobile eccentric droid (MobED)

design: hyundai motor group

dimensions: 67x 60 x 33 cm

weight: 50 kg

battery capacity: 2 kWh

speed limit: 30km/h

full-charge single ride: 4 hours 

other features: 12-inch tires, extendable wheelbase, 3 motors 

images by: hyundai

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