January 29, 2022

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You can stay in this retro school bus turned cute tiny home

While your school days may be well behind you, you can relive the joys of your youth in this tiny home that sees a 1969 International school bus converted into a cozy Airbnb rental.

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Located in Sooke, British Columbia, Canada, host and owner Miranda saw potential in the former local school bus. The vehicle now sits in a landscaped space, parked beneath a protective roof. Miranda has lovingly decorated the unit with a retro interior design vibe while using salvaged materials from her local community.

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The bus is a tiny house that measures about 19 feet long and 7.5 feet wide. The height measures 5 feet and 10 inches at the peak. In this tiny space, Miranda has designed a shower where the driver’s seat used to be and detailed it with tiles she found on the side of the road. 

The inside of a bus-turned-tiny-home with wood features.

In the center of the bus, a “kitschy” kitchen is equipped with a two-burner propane cookstove, a compost bucket, basic cooking essentials, and mainstream morning starts like oatmeal and tea. Although Miranda wanted to highlight the design theme with a new retro-look refrigerator, the conservationist in her decided to repaint an existing mini-fridge instead to avoid excess product consumption and waste. The countertop for the kitchen was sourced from the discount rack. Another countertop opposite the kitchen was finished with a layer of pennies topped with a protective epoxy coating. 

The inside of a bus-turned-tiny-home with wood features.

The bus is equipped with an on-demand water system and a small marine heater for temperature control in the well-insulated space. Windows also provide passive cooling. 

A bathroom with blue wallpaper.

Throughout the space, budget and environmentally-friendly touches speak to the natural vibe. Wood storage benches cover the wheel wells and serve a dual purpose for seating and storage. There is additional storage beneath the queen bed in the back of the bus. The opening to the storage area is a repurposed TV tray that fits the space or can be removed and set up as a table for eating or playing games. 

A bathroom with white tile and wood features.

Along the outside of the bus, a covered deck is adorned with a salvaged school desk and chairs. The upscale outhouse features a striking recycled door and hardware as well as a composting toilet and functional sink. Natural light is provided by recycled glass cut down to make the windows. Nearby, the landscaped lot provides a seating area complete with a fire pit and homegrown herbs for guests to use. 

For a full tour of the school bus, check out this YouTube video from the Exploring Alternatives channel. Want to book a stay for yourself? Visit the Airbnb link here.

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