January 27, 2022

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zyva studio, charlotte taylor interpret G-wagon as architectural atmosphere

the G-wagon reinterpreted through a digital-lens


in a play of deconstruction, zyva studio and charlotte taylor unveil a reinterpretation of the G-wagon created with mercedes-benz. isolating and repurposing key elements of the iconic car, the team proposes a series of furniture pieces within a fictional scene. here, the digital world intersects with the motor world’s heritage of handmade craftsmanship. the project, dubbed ‘G-construction,’ is conceived following the auto company’s plans to bring its G-class into the world of NFT, establishing the car as an ‘NFG’ (non-fungible G-class). with a history spanning 40 years, the designers relaunch the iconic vehicle into a new digital space that is unique to this contemporary era.

images by zyva studio and charlotte taylor



the entry by zyva studio and charlotte taylor


the project tasked five international artists — including the team of zyva studio (see more) and charlotte taylor (see more) — to interpret the mercedes G-wagon in their own style. the five teams have created works that reflect on the fundamentals of what the car stands for. the works portray the iconic image of the G-class while elevating it to a digital work of art. the project leaders, artists collective ART2PEOPLE (see more here), note their goal to build a bridge between the two worlds of G-class enthusiasts and the NFT community — uniting prestige, scarcity, freedom and luxury.

zyva studio G-wagon



g-construction: deconstructing the g-wagon


zyva studio founder architect anthony authié and interior designer charlotte taylor present their digital G-wagon series as a continuation of their long-standing collaboration. the duo curates the new environment in their distinctive style, integrating elements which recall their previous works like the villa ortizet which includes a massive circular conversation pit, much like the one shown as part of G-construction series. this time, the envisioned space is occupied by furniture pieces infused with elements of the G-class. in this way the project creates a contemporary twist on mercedes’ long heritage of craft.

zyva studio G-wagon zyva studio + charlotte taylor reinterpret G-wagon as a series of architectural atmospheres

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