December 9, 2022

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Top 5 Free Courses to Learn NumPy for Beginners in 2022 – Best of Lot

Hello folks, if you are learning Data Science or doing Machine Learning and want to learn NumPy library then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared the best free deep learning courses and in this article, I am going to share the best free courses to learn one of the most useful Python libraries called NumPy. The spread of using the python programming language is enormous due to its architecture that can support all operating
systems Windows, Linux, macOS, and even phones, and also the significant number
of its libraries to use for creating artificial intelligence models or building
web applications using Django and Flask or even for data analysis to make
complex data visualization.

One of the most used libraries and must
know called Numpy, this library used in almost every field you can think of
like deep learning, machine learning, data science and is used for mathematical
calculation and working with arrays and its speed for processing this
calculation makes it the preferred one for this task.

There are many paid courses to learn this
library, but we are focusing on the FREE courses if you are still a beginner
and want to get familiar with using them in your projects.

These are the best free online courses you can join to learn NumPy for Data Science and Machine Learning. It’s created by experts and trusted by thousands of developers worldwide, all of them also have 4 start ratings of higher and then are legal free courses, made free by their instructor for learning and education purposes. 

5 Free Online Courses to learn NumPy for Python Developers in 2022

Here is my list of best free online courses Python developers and Data scientists can join to learn the NumPy library in 2022. These free courses have been taken from sites like Udemy, Coursera, freeCodecamp, and other popular online learning platforms. They are also absolutely free but you may need to create your free account to join these courses. 

1. LearnNumPy Fundamentals

If you’ve never touched python before,
meaning no prior experience before, and you want to learn NumPy as well as the
first library after understanding this programming language, then you can jump
right away in this course that will teach you using NumPy and many of its
algorithms with a small crash course of python.

Starting with a NumPy overview and how it
works and downloading the package. You will then directly start creating arrays
and apply reshaping and indexing to them. 
Later you will learn some of the
advanced indexing, and array math applied functions to our NumPy arrays and

Finally, a small crash course for people with no python knowledge can
skip it if you already know working with this language.

2. NumPy for DataScience

Another cool introductory course talking
about NumPy is NumPy for data science. It requires people to understand the
python language to get their hands into the NumPy package. The course has a
quiz in every section to verify your knowledge while learning.

Get familiar with data science and learn
how to start working with the NumPy library. Then you start importing and using
the NumPy library for making simple arrays and NumPy arrays, and how to
generate different arrays formats like 1-D and 2-D NumPy arrays. 

You will
exploit different functions used in the NumPy library for arrays. Finally, you
will go through the indexing and selection of values in NumPy arrays and save
the file in binary format.

best free NumPy Course for Beginners

3. Python Basics for Math and Data Science

The cool thing I line in this course is
that you can learn to perform mathematical calculations using NumPy and another
great library called SymPy for symbolic mathematics. The course requires some
basics in python and some math knowledge, and it will be like a small
introduction if you want to have a career in data science or machine learning

Start by installing the libraries, setting
up the environment, moving directly to NumPy metrics, and indexing and slicing
the NumPy arrays. You will also learn things like access a matrix column and
see some useful functions of NumPy. 

Later, you will move to the SymPy library
and learn how to solve linear equations with one or two unknowns and solve the
quadratic equations.

best free Python Basics for Math and Data Science course

4. NumPy for Numerical Computation

Numpy is used in many different fields, so
you should have some beginner to intermediate level of using many of its

This course will little bit dive into many of these and try to teach
you to fix some of the errors you’ll face while using NumPy. 
All of the code
used is very well documented so you understand what every line in meaning.

Starting with an introduction about NumPy
as usual and then moving to use dimensions and operations. You will also
understand how to reshape your data, apply it to slice, and use functions to
perform calculations like the sum, max, min, and more.

Finally, some other
advanced mathematical functions like the square root and standard deviation.

best free NumPy Course for Deep Learning

5. NumPy for Data Science Beginners

For people who want to have a career in
data science or machine learning or any field that highly requires an
understanding of math and statistics, this course is for you because it focuses
on these algorithms and how to perform the different mathematical calculations.

Start with an introduction of NumPy and how
to import it inside your project and start directly learning the NumPy array
fundamentals and performing indexing & slicing, iteration, understanding
data types, and zeros_ones. 

Later dive into the statistics and matrix, and apply
some functions to NumPy arrays like sorting, searching, and joining data.

best free NumPy Course for Data Science

That’s all about the best free courses to learn NumPy for Python developers. The courses list above is for people who
want to understand the NumPy library and how to perform mathematical
calculations. Still, not deep dive into more of this library, and most of them
require to have some basic understanding of python, so it is worth learning this
language and moving to these courses.

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Thanks for reading this article so far. If you like these
best free NumPy online training courses for beginners
 then please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have
any questions or feedback, then please drop a note.

P. S. – If you are keen to learn NumPy library and Machine learning and
don’t mind paying a few bucks to learn a valuable skill like this then you can
also check out  Deep Learning Prerequisites: The Numpy Stack in Python (V2+) course on Udemy. This is a hands-on course, full of exercises and
practical examples for Scikit Learn. 

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