March 26, 2023

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After 1 YEAR of hard work my NEW Ultimate Web Desktop Environment is ready for launch!!!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰


Hey everyone, thanks for checking out my article on my passion project for the last year (and several years prior in different forms/codebases).

I’ve recently completed 52 weekly streams in 2021 as I worked on coding my app, from Hello World to what it is today.

Today (Jan 2nd) was the day of my first stream one year ago so I felt it was a good day to do this release. I will be having a LIVE πŸ”΄ Release Party Stream later TONIGHT, (Jan 2nd, 2022) at 9 PM PT to celebrate finally getting the code live and also to answer any questions or comments anyone may have.

I’m also going to be answering questions throughout the 1st week of 2022 as I will post on several sub reddits that may find this project interesting. Today I have posted on /r/reactjs so feel free to go over there to comment.

File System

  • File Explorer
    • Back, Forward, Recent locations, Address bar
  • Drag & Drop File Support (internal & external)

  • ZIP (write support), ZIP/ISO read support, RAR extract support
  • Writes to IndexedDb
  • Group selection/manipulation & drag to sort
  • Dynamic and auto cached icons for music, images & video
  • Context Menus
    • Cut, Copy, Create shortcut, Delete, Rename
    • Add file, Map directory
    • Open with, Open file/folder location, Open in new window
    • Download, Add to archive, Extract here, Set as wallpaper
    • Sort by, New Folder, New Text Document
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • CTRL+C, CTRL+V, CTRL+X, CTRL+A, Delete
    • F2, F5, Backspace, Arrows, Enter
  • File information tooltips
  • Allow sorting by name, date, type or extension


Start Menu

  • Expandable Sidebar
    • Apps list, Documents shortcut, Power (clears session)
  • Spotlight visual effect
  • Folder support
  • Keyboard shortcut opens with SHIFT+ESC


  • Peek hover preview of windows
  • Focused window indicator


  • Runs in a web worker
  • Synced to system clock on load
  • Date tooltip



  • Query parameter loading
    • Examples:
    • /?url=/favicon.ico
    • /?app=TinyMCE

BoxedWine (.exe, .zip)

  • Runs 16/32-bit Windows applications

Browser (.htm, .html)

  • Loads websites (w/HTTP header support)
  • Bookmark bar
  • Favicon support
  • Back/Forward & Reload
  • Google search via Address bar


  • Console, Elements, Network, Resources, Sources, DOM
  • Activate from Start Menu or SHIFT+F12

js-dos (.exe, .jsdos, .zip)

  • DOS emulator
  • Automatic save states on close
  • Automatic window resize

Monaco Editor

  • Code/text editor
  • Supports all file types
  • Save files via CTRL+S
  • Line count, cursor position, language id
  • Prettier formatting

    • json, js/ts, css/sass/less, html, markdown

PDF (.pdf)

  • Renders PDF’s
  • Page current/count & Zoom


Ruffle (.swf, .spl)


TinyMCE (.whtml)

  • Read & WYSIWYG modes
  • File save support

Virtual x86 (.img, .iso)

  • x86 emulator
  • Automatic save states on close
  • Automatic window resize

Video Player

Webamp (.mp3, .wsz)


  • Add custom session.json for sort orders
  • File search in Terminal & File Explorer
  • Status bar button to save Monaco on mobile
  • PDF change page/zoom inputs
  • IRC Client


  • Add 96×96 icons for higher dpi devices
  • Make desktop icons draggable around grid
  • Window Menu Bar
  • Open/Save File Dialog
  • File Explorer Column View
  • File Properties Dialog
  • NES/SNES Emulator
  • Light theme
  • FFMpeg Support
  • ImageMagik Support
  • System Tray


  • Event Viewer
  • Task Manager
  • Run Dialog
  • Drag/Drop Taskbar Entries
  • Wapm I/O
  • Terminal piping
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Calendar
  • Spreadsheet Viewer
  • Browser Tabs
  • Fancy Zones
  • Service Worker


  • Initial sort order is not based on session
  • Layout shifts when text is untruncated
  • Closing File Manager too quickly causes memory leak
  • Monaco breaks Vanta is loaded via url query
  • Space Cadet loads too big if BoxedWine is loaded


  • Titlebar menu/clicking doesn’t work properly when draggable

Safari Mobile

  • Drag image is black
  • V86 not working
  • Eruda is missing titlebar


  • TinyMCE styling is reset on 2nd load
  • Webamp stays in front during File Explorer drags

Thank you very much for checking out my project and please feel free to leave me feedback in whatever forum you desire. I plan to be focusing my YouTube efforts on coding and various topics about my project throughout 2022 so feel free to check those out and subscribe to my channel.

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