March 21, 2023

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How I Made an API for Duck Jokes 🦆

I’ve been working on my website for some time now, but it felt like there was something missing. I wasn’t really sure what it was, so I ignored it for a bit of time. Later that week, I was hanging out with friends and we started making puns about ducks- “wisequacks”. That’s when I had a moment of realization.

I decided to drop everything that I was doing and build a really simple API for duck jokes. Right now the API has a couple of jokes, but we need some more, so if you want to submit some, you can respond to this issue or you can just drop a pull request on this repository.

You can check out the joke API here and you can use it in any of your projects if you would like. All of the code for the project can be found in the linked repository and it is all under the MIT license if you want to use it in your own project. Cheers!

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