February 6, 2023

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How to Hire Remote Software App Developers in India for Startups?

India has emerged as the growing IT hub thanks to the reputed
app developers in India
catering to software and app projects worldwide. The overwhelming growth that the IT services sector registered in all these years has resulted from the contributions of software app development companies. Thousands of software and
mobile app development companies from India provide development services to businesses worldwide.

While businesses from all over the globe look to hire Indian software developers, getting the best talents on board for your forthcoming app project can be challenging if you are not aware of the rules of remote hiring app developers in India.

We will explain the key advantages of hiring app developers in India and the most effective ways to engage them.

Why Startups Hire App Developers in India?

There are several reasons behind the increasing popularity of hiring app developers in India. Indian app developers are sought after for several reasons by enterprises all over the globe. Let us look here at some of these reasons.

Cost Competitive Rates

It is already understood that by outsourcing IT, businesses try to cut down the cost of development. This is why when looking for developers, a competitive development rate remains one of the most vital considerations for all reputed global brands across all
business niches.

This is precisely where hiring offshore app developers in India seems most lucrative. Compared to most other IT hubs worldwide, including the US, South East Asia, East Europe, China, and a handful of Latin American countries, India offers the most competitive
pricing for expert software and app development services.

Quicker Development Time

Development pace remains a crucial consideration for developing new app products. Simply by coming out with an app earlier compared to other market competitors, a business brand can easily stay forward in the competition. On top of that, when you

hire remote developers
to be paid on an hourly basis, faster development can save you a lot of development costs.

This is one area where app developers in India have a distinct edge. With a highly talented pool of app developers, India boasts of a tremendously competitive market where every business runs after a quicker launch.

Time-zone Advantage

One significant advantage of hiring Indian developers is that businesses from abroad can get their favorable time zone. Indian time stands at an approximate time difference of 9.5 hours from the East Coast of the US, and the time difference with the West Coast
is around 12.5 hours. Because of this time gap which is around half a day, by hiring app developers in India, businesses can ensure round-the-clock service and support.

Unlimited High-Quality Talent Pool

Over the years, India has primarily emerged as an IT outsourcing destination because of its high-quality talent pool. With a record number of engineering graduates and IT degree holders passing from the leading institutes in the country, India boasts of a massive
young and energetic talent pool unmatched by volume and quality anywhere in the world.

Seasoned Outsourcing Market

India has already come of age and is considered the most mature IT destination as a destination for IT outsourcing after the US. Several leading Indian IT companies catering to major brands all over the globe have been in the business for close to three decades.
Naturally, the Indian IT market is mature enough to constantly nourish its talent pool with challenging projects from diverse niches.

Ease of Communication

India at present is in the second position among the countries with the most number of English-speaking people. English is the de-facto official language in India used for communication and education in higher studies, professional spheres, and all walks of

This English language proficiency helped Indians adopt US-based IT development standards, practices, and tools quicker than other countries. As IT development and communication are dominated by the English language, India enjoys a distinct edge.

Tips to Hire Remote App Developers India

Now that you are almost convinced about the advantages of hiring app developers in India for your next project, let’s provide some useful and time-tested tips to make your hiring process easier.

Be Flexible about Work Timing and Environment

An Indian developer can work from his college canteen only for the sake of finding a calm space. It would help if you were flexible about their work environment and timing. Instead of binding them with strict time rules and schedules, allow them to work flexibly
from where and when they wish. Only make them adhere to the productivity standard set by the project requirement.

Where to Find Great Developers?  

To hire Indian software developers talents who can be right for your project, look for the profiles in popular job boards frequently used by professional developers. LinkedIn stands as the best place, according to most companies. You can also post jobs in Indeed,
Mobster, Naukri, Glassdoor and find some accomplished developers at

Target Specific Programming skills

When finding the most accomplished developer talents for your project, always make sure the particular programming language skills you need. This will help you find the right talents with appropriate track records and exposure.

First of all, decide whether you need a frontend or backend developer or a full stack developer for your project. Now, decide what tech stack skills you are searching for. You can also look for expert developers in specific language skills such as PHP, Java,
JavaScript, or Python. Lastly, make it clear in which capacity you want to hire them for remote engagement. Are they going to work as a remote developer or as part of the QA or support team?

Only when these requirements are clear can you assess their coding skills and development credentials more accurately.

Check the remote development experience

Another crucial consideration for hiring developers in a remote project is assessing whether they have prior experience working remotely on an app project. You need to check whether they are well versed in using remote collaboration tools such as Slack, Basecamp,
Trello, etc. In case you are starting with a fresher, you must ensure the quick learning ability of the candidate.

Assess Communication Skills

For hiring remote developers, you also need to check their communication skills. Whether they can easily communicate the problems and whether they are good listeners, you need to check these things. You also need to check whether they can create well-articulated
documents for their solutions.

Ability to Use Productivity Tools

Lastly, you need to check whether they are well versed with online productivity tools, project management software systems, collaborative tools, etc. Here you also need to check their ability to collaborate in a team environment and make other members update
on the project from time to time.


When it comes to hiring expert Indian app developers for your remote app project, you have the world’s best talent pool at your disposal. Using the time-tested hiring practices mentioned above, how well you can utilize the best talents onboard depends on how
well you can use the opportunity to get the best skills onboard.

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