February 4, 2023

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kubernetes-models 3.0 Released | Kosko

kubernetes-models 3.0 has been released last month. To upgrade to the latest kubernetes-models, run:

If you have installed any CRD packages, don’t forget to upgrade them as well.

Smaller Package Size

The package size of kubernetes-models 3.0 is reduced by 34% compressed, or 20% unpacked (compared to 2.0.2).

Version Unpacked Compressed
2.0.2 5.9MB 749KB
3.0.1 4.7MB 494KB
Diff -20.33% -34.04%

Several changes made the package size smaller in 3.0.

First, the following alias files are removed in 3.0. These alias files were introduced a few years ago. Removing these files can reduce the number of files and the size of the export map.

If you are using any of these import patterns, please rewrite import paths after upgrading to 3.0.

  • kubernetes-models/api/core/v1/Pod
  • kubernetes-models/api/apps/v1/Deployment
  • kubernetes-models/apiextensions-apiserver/pkg/apis/apiextensions/v1/CustomResourceDefinition

Next, type definition files are used to be stored in _definitions/<id>.js. In 3.0, they are moved to <apiVersion>/<kind>.js. This can also reduce the number of alias files, and import paths can be shorter, too.

Last, a new type TypeMeta has been added to @kubernetes-models/base package. Interfaces with apiVersion and kind will extend TypeMeta type now. This can remove doc comments in each type.

export interface IIoK8sApiCoreV1Pod {

apiVersion: "v1";

kind: "Pod";

export interface IPod extends TypeMeta {
apiVersion: "v1";
kind: "Pod";

Better Import Suggestions

Type definition files are used to be stored in _definitions/<id>.js, which are supposed to be hidden files. But sometimes IDEs get confused and show them in import suggestions. In 3.0, they are moved to more proper locations, which should provide a better IDE experience.



API Machinery Package

A new package @kubernetes-models/apimachinery has been released with kubernetes-models 3.0. This package includes types defined in kubernetes/apimachinery only. All CRD packages have been migrated to import this package instead of the whole kubernetes-models. This can reduce the size of dependencies of CRD packages.

If you are using API machinery files, please rewrite import paths as below.

import { IObjectMeta } from "kubernetes-models/apimachinery/pkg/apis/meta/v1/ObjectMeta";

import { IObjectMeta } from "@kubernetes-models/apimachinery/pkg/apis/meta/v1/ObjectMeta";

Type Guard

All classes with apiVersion and kind now come with a new static method is, which can be used to narrow down object types. Noted that this function does NOT validate the object itself. It just checks whether apiVersion and kind match or not.

import { Pod } from "kubernetes-models/v1/Pod";

const thing = { apiVersion: "v1", kind: "Pod" };

if (Pod.is(thing)) {

} else {


Type guards can also be used in the transform function of @kosko/yaml.

import { loadFile } from "@kosko/yaml";
import { Service } from "kubernetes-models/v1/Service";

loadFile("manifest.yaml", {
transform(manifest) {

if (Service.is(manifest)) {
manifest.spec.type = "ClusterIP";

return manifest;

You can see TypeScript documentation for more information about narrowing and type predicates.

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