March 26, 2023

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React & Vue source code as Images

tuchk4 25 minutes ago.

~6 years ago I've created a lib to convert any text into the image and decode it back.

Each symbol char code is converted into the hex color and placed on the specific x & y. Brackets, curly brackets, colons, semicolons, or other statements like function, class are highlighted with their own color.

Just for fun

- convert source code into the image
- apply filters
- decode image back into the code 
- WOW! the code is refactored kekw

Today, for some reason, I decided to convert the source code of the React and Vue into the art-code images and place it at as the NFT tokens on the opensea platform


In case if something will be sold — I will spend all proceed to support open source developers 🏆

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