December 7, 2022

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10 Web Frameworks for Golang Development

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Google is coming with ‘Go’ or actually ‘Golang’. Golang stands for ‘Google’s Go Programming Language’. It is one of the powerful languages to write APIs and other web services. Golang compiles quick-running native code that is very useful for software developers. The software development experts found it easy and comfortable for coding for it is easy to use and gives a closure look like C and C++ programming languages. Golang is an open-source compiled programming language and it is prominently utilized to write native code and create powerful mobile and web applications.

Developers make an efficient application by using Golang with its several frameworks. They choose a framework and then create proper documentation and knowledge of the same. Here are the top 10 most useful frameworks of Golang:


It is an active community that the programmers use. Net/HTTP framework is somehow mandatory for building apps and it helps to build XMPP servers. It is one of the most required frameworks for mobile app development. Additionally, the developers are even able to develop a whole XMPP server with only Net/HTTP. On the flip side, it features a restricted interface. Developers also need to use a framework along with the same as routing is not much powerful.


Martini is based on Sintara. It is a lightweight Web Platform and performs basic routing, where developers can easily perform the integration with third-party services. Martini helps in dealing with fundamental things of programming like routing, exception dealing, and many more. Golang community responds to the performance several times. Martini can do unique things like injecting various data sets dynamically. Though Martini is quite common in the Ruby framework, it is gaining more appreciation in the Golang community.


Golang includes Mango as an important framework, although it has no active community for updates and maintenance. It allows app developers to access the libraries and select the things from the same. Mango also allows app developers to build reusable HTTP modules effectively. The best part of this Mango is modularity. It includes several apps and middleware into one HTTP server object to the code well.


Buffalo is one of the excellent frameworks for web development. The developers can develop new web apps effectively and effortlessly. Buffalo helps in developing new projects by setting up everything well from backend to frontend. A website development company prefers Buffalo as it comes with Hot Reloading features by observing you. go and .html files automatically. Dev command helps in exploring the transformations. It is far beyond a framework as it is actually an overall holistic web-building ecosystem.


Gorilla is the largest framework. It, somehow, serves as a Net/HTTP library’s reusable components. As the name suggests it is not only the largest but also an efficient framework. Additionally, the functionalities are also amazing with the new extensions, drop packages, and modules. It is also known as the biggest English-speaking community. It is great to use and it also features robust web sockets to attach better. There is no such use of third-party service.


Beego boasts an extensive array of features to be used for app development. It is arranged into eight modules that can be utilized as per convenience and requirement. It incorporates an Object-Relationship Map to access data and libraries. Beego also helps in session handling tools and in-built cache handler, and logging systems. A developer can utilize the Bee command for building Beego applications.

Gin Gonic

Gin Gonic is an easy-to-learn framework and therefore, it is preferred for beginners. As a minimalistic framework, it is simple as well as easier to manage. Gin Gonic has the practical features and libraries to make it faster and effective. Though this web framework is a bit similar to Martini, it performs better than that. This framework is ideal to build high-performing REST APIs. It uses an HTTP router for the Go language.


Goji is a lightweight and quick framework that prioritizes the simplicity of the application. Goji is a conservative HTTP request multiplexer that incorporates Einhorn assistance. Its features like a re-configurable middleware stack, URL patterns, and other capabilities. This framework performs great for enterprise requests as well.


Gocraft helps in writing and adding more functionalities and web applications. The performance of a project depends upon the perfection of work. This framework is perfectly suitable for high-performing applications. Gocraft is a Go mux custom middleware package to boasts reflection and casting capabilities. From the standard library, Gocraft adds routing to the HTTP or net package.


The tree routing system makes it the simplest as well as lightest Golang framework. If you are on a project that seeks routing, Web.go is the most preferred or correct selection.

Golang is gradually growing and earning popularity due to the ease of use and innovative functionalities. Are you working on any Go based project? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below.

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