December 7, 2022

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2022 New Year’s Resolution: Dev and SEC Cross-Team Learning

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A good DevSecOps strategy goes beyond having the right tools and processes in place: it requires consistent and crucially, bi-directional feedback and learning. Both security and engineering teams have such different priorities and strengths, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to learn from each other. This year, make it a resolution to create a culture of bi-directional learning between these two teams and reap the benefit of improved collaboration. Here are the top things one can learn from the other to break down silos in the name of DevSecOps.

What Security Teams Can Learn From Developers

Part of embracing DevSecOps requires relinquishing some amount of control. Security isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but to fully embrace DevSecOps, they have to relinquish some amount of control. They have to rely on training and automation and trust that developers are capable of securing their own code.

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