January 28, 2022

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Future of AI in Mobile App Development Industry

The app development industry is continuously evolving. From adopting technologies such as Blockchain to finding ways of making services more efficient through AI, the industry has been improving app quality. In the app development industry, AI is getting commonly known for chatbots, healthcare apps, IoT apps, and more. The goal is to make them respond better, have increased cybersecurity, and more. 

Per a Statista report, the AI software market is expected to touch an approximate global revenue of $125 billion by 2025. From machine learning usages to automation tasks, the expansion of AI is expected to grow into more industries.

Furthermore, in this post, we are discussing some crucial AI in mobile app development industry trends that you might find interesting. These trends will also give you a glimpse into what 2022 holds for the future of AI in smartphone apps. So, if you find the topic interesting, stay with us until the end of this article.

AI in Healthcare Apps

Healthcare apps are already capable of assisting users with their fitness requirements. From observing heart rate and pulse rate to predicting the need of consulting with a doctor, AI in healthcare apps is already using IoT sensors for its operations. 

A PMC report states that AI in healthcare applications has the capability of improving process efficiency beginning from diagnosis to treatment. The report says on-demand healthcare apps using AI are helping make healthcare deliveries more accessible into areas where specialists are not available. 

Now, as devices are getting more affordable with time and the internet is getting more accessible, AI in healthcare apps is a key towards a healthier future for everyone. 

AI in IoT Applications

Devices such as Alexa are the perfect example of Artificial Intelligence app development for the IoT industry. AI in IoT is used to ease the usability of wireless devices that we control through apps. AI helps in collecting big data that can be useful for making devices more efficient for a wider range of users. 

For instance, English has multiple dialects, pronunciations, and accents depending on where it is spoken. The big data collected through users from different countries help in making AI smarter so it can understand people better and command devices accordingly. 

For instance, apart from English, Alexa is capable of understanding French, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, German, and Portuguese as well. Now, as 5G is expanding its coverage across the globe, it will enable AI in communicating faster with more devices due to the faster internet speed. 

Automated App Testing Tools

With millions of apps available globally, the app development industry has to take every possible step to ensure that the app is in its best quality and performance. For that, app testing is required. Automated app testing is a shortcut to testing big apps and already exists in the market. However, with time, we might witness more affordable or free app testing tools that offer the best quality automation. There are tools like Test.ai, Applitools, and many other options that developers can use for automated app testing tasks.

AI in Fintech Apps

AI in Fintech apps is useful in many tasks. From detecting fraud patterns to making biometric security protocols more efficient, AI is a firewall providing hack-proof payment systems. AI in Fintech apps can also keep a track of your spending patterns to provide better financial tips along with personalized statistics. 

With Fintech apps, AI can also help in asset management. In the near future, AI in Fintech apps will be helpful with trading forecasts and simulations as well. Some developers have already been working on a model that is volatile and dynamic. The AI uses patterns to create algorithms that can be helpful in approximating stock predictions. 

Combining traditional finance methodologies with ML algorithms and long short-term memory (LSTM) models, stock predictions are also possible through Fintech apps in the near future. However, micro and macro factors such as political interference, natural calamities, and more are factors that might make these predictions tough. Therefore the journey is still longer than expected.


Apart from segments of app development services that we discussed above, AI has also joined virtual education, entertainment, and more industries to make them more efficient. From offering personalized UI to customized exam preparation tips, AI in the app development industry is capable of improving the quality of on-demand services. While the internet is getting cheaper in many countries, AI-supported apps have a great exposure to grow. 

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