December 7, 2022

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One-click Trial on Tyk API Gateway With Tin

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The choice of technology architecture is closely related to enterprise strategy, business processes, project effectiveness, etc. It is an important part of the R&D process. The complete technology process includes determining the requirements, filtering within the range of options, finding suitable projects, installing, and experiencing.

However, once the requirements are identified, the installation and screening process can also be time-consuming and labor-intensive, which has become a major pain point in technology selection. How to save time, optimize the trial process of open source projects, and improve the efficiency of choosing the technology pattern has become a common issue for many developers.

Traditional Way To Try an Open-Source Project

Tyk is an open-source API gateway project. Organizations can control access to the gateway and protect the security of enterprises and organizations. To start with, I chose the traditional way, using docker-compose to install it, which requires the Git and Docker environment on the computer.

1. Follow the prompt steps and copy the DOCKER COMPOSE repository address to the command line.Screenshot of DOCKER COMPOSE Repository Address

2. Deploy TYK gateway and REDIS.Screenshot of TYK Gateway and REDIS

3. Wait for the pull to complete.Screenshot of Waiting for Pull Completion

Screenshot of Project Installed

Screenshot of Project Installed

One-Click Cloning Experience With Tin

Tin is a one-click POC tool from TeamCode platform that automatically builds and quickly generates executable applications, automatically configures the project operating environment, avoids cumbersome processes to install and manage dependencies, and allows open-source projects to be used and spread more easily.

Click to experience TYK and open the clone page.

Screenshot of Clone Tin Application

2. Click Clone, it succeeds immediately, click Run now.

3. In a few seconds, the gateway project is created.

Screenshot of Gateway Project

4. Find the URL port in the overview interface to access the project interface.

Screenshot of Overview Interface

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