August 8, 2022

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Prepare for the CompTIA certification of your choice for less during our Cyber Week Sale

It should come as no surprise that jobs in technology are continuing to rise. With automation and artificial intelligence becoming increasingly present in the workforce, and cyberattacks on the rise, it only stands to reason that organizations need tech-savvy individuals. In fact, as of October of this year, there were over 360,000 tech jobs listed, a number that has grown approximately 30 percent since September 2019. If working in the industry appeals to you, increase your chances of getting hired by becoming CompTIA certified.

Achieving CompTIA certification can open up so many doors. Indeed, alone, has over 8,000 listings as of this writing. Jobs are varied and include such positions as technical support specialist, critical environment operations manager, associate network engineer, field service technician, infrastructure vulnerability specialist, and so many more. Salaries vary across the country, with the average in the range of $50,000 plus. If you’re lucky enough to land a job in Washington, where the jobs are plenty, you could be looking at six figures.

This premium subscription to CompTIA Campus is going to give you the tools you need in order to prepare for 11 of CompTIA’s 13 certifications. You will have access to over 455 hours of content, plus more than 11 live labs. To ensure you’re ready, you’ll be able to take eight practice exams that feature 690 questions and answers. By signing up for this deal, you will also become a member of the CompTIA Learning Community, where you will be able to get advice and help from current and previous students.

Becoming certified offers a solid foundation for entry into the IT sector. There is nary a company that does not need some form of tech support, and as the certification is globally accepted, you can work anywhere in the world. Normally valued at $399, this one-year subscription can be yours for only $279.20 with code CYBER20 during our Cyber Week sale. Get it now and have everything you need to prepare for the CompTIA certification of your choice.

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